“No one has ever become poor by giving.”

Every £1 could provide four meals for children in need.

JANKLYN SAMAJIK SEVASANSTHA (KOLHAPUR) has seen demand for food, particularly among people need food for children and their families. With the coronavirus pandemic pushing thousands of people into financial hardship, many more families will struggle to put food on the table this year.

We urgently need your help to deliver more healthy, nutritious food to the needy people and other food banks, community groups, activity schemes and schools supporting the most vulnerable children during this crisis.


Daily coffee? Pricey meal deal? Taxi habit?

Give something up, or start something new. Donate what you’ve saved (or raised) to FareShare and help get nutritious meals onto the plates of vulnerable people.

£20 will help create 80 hot meals for people in need.

#Give a little love

The ‘Give a Little Love’ campaign is designed to inspire the nation to do something nice for those around them – whether it’s baking a cake to cheer up a neighbour or volunteering with a local charity or community group, your kindness can make a big difference.
£60 will help feed 200 empty stomach.

#Donate clothes

A FREE clothes recycling collection service that helps needy people to wear cloth’s. We can collect your donated items from your home or workplace and HEART UK will receive £200
for every tonne of items collected.
£100 will help us to give at least 4 pair’s of clothes to needy people.

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